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👋 Dear policyowner,

Welcome to Bridge, where we specialize in providing life insurance settlement solutions for seniors and financial professionals looking for alternative options to lapsing, cashing out, or 1035 exchanging their existing life insurance. Not all life settlement companies are created equal. As a licensed, nationwide life settlement brokerage, our fiduciary duty is to your best interest by law. We’re not just a FINO (fiduciary in name only) we’re actually the only fiduciary a senior has when it comes to their life insurance because we have nothing to sell you! Rather you may have hidden value in your policy only licensed and trained life settlement brokers such as ourselves can help you uncover and potentially sell for more than you expected! You can think of us as your real estate agent but for your life insurance. We represent policy sellers, not the direct buyers (called “providers” those who buy your life insurance). At Bridge, we ensure the highest cash settlement by leveraging our proprietary Open Auction platform, and we earn a performance-based commission only after an offer is accepted which includes a 15-day lookback period minimizing any risk.

We’re here to help with a wide range of tools and resources to help you decide if selling your life insurance is right for you including free virtual or in-person life insurance appraisal services or do it yourself using our life settlement calculator app for iOS & Android (The world’s first and only life settlement app). It’s easy to get started, book a life settlement call to review your case today. Don’t take your carrier or a provider’s word for it. There’s a reason why viatical and life settlement brokers exist…to protect policy sellers and create a fair marketplace.

What is a viatical or life settlement?

At its core, it’s a law, a transaction, and an industry. You see, the Supreme Court ruled in 1911, that life insurance is your property, not the carrier’s. Kind of like your home which is an asset you can sell. Nowadays, carriers are like monopolies making you think they are the sole buyer. A life settlement is very similar to a viatical settlement. It’s selling your life insurance policy to another type of life insurance company called a life settlement provider. A federally regulated and safe marketplace of institutional investors who typically pay more than the surrender value (ie: cashing in your life insurance) but less than the death benefit. A life settlement is reserved for seniors over 65 years old whereas a viatical settlement is reserved for any age policy owner with a critical or chronic illness. This includes selling a term life insurance policy and selling a whole life policy.

If you’re ready to save time by streamlining your application process across multiple buyers, lowering your exposure to risk by putting your policy in Bridge’s proprietary live auction platform, and getting above fair market value for your policy, Bridge could be the life settlement broker worth connecting with. Just AskBridge and we’ll do the rest!

Feel free to navigate our settlement resources or book a call with me.

Best Regards,

Brandon Selfors

Senior Life Advocate & CEO
“Increasing Senior Wealth in America”
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Life Settlement FAQ’s

Get all your answers to your life insurance settlements & viatical settlements questions fast!

Can I keep my life insurance without making changes?

We completely understand your desire to keep your policy and maintain the coverage it provides. However, it’s important to recognize that circumstances can change, and what may have been a suitable policy for you in the past may not be the best option for you now. A life settlement can provide you with the financial resources you need to address current challenges, such as paying for long-term care or medical expenses, paying off debt, or simply enjoying retirement.

By selling your life insurance policy, you can get a cash payment that you can use as you see fit, and you can also be relieved of premium payments and other policy-related expenses. It’s also worth noting that the life settlement market is heavily regulated, so you can be confident that you are receiving a fair market value for your policy. I encourage you to learn more about life settlements and speak with a reputable life settlement provider to see if it may be a suitable option for you.

There is a life settlement option called a Retained death benefit which is a way for policyholders to retain a portion of the death benefit payout while the buyer takes over premium payments.

In case of the insured individual’s death, the beneficiary receives their guaranteed percentage, while the fund receives the death benefit for the purchased portion. It’s particularly useful for seniors and the chronically/terminally ill, eliminating future payment obligations while maintaining a death benefit payout.

How does my financial advisor get involved in life settlements?

That’s great that you have an advisor who helps you manage your finances. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all financial advisors are knowledgeable about or have experience with life settlements. 79% of seniors wish their advisor told them of a life settlement option. Some advisors may be prohibited from disclosing this safe option even if it was in your best interest (similar to government-backed reverse mortgages). Life settlements can provide a significant financial benefit for individuals who no longer need or can afford their life insurance policies. They are a safe, regulated, and legal financial option that can help you unlock the value of your life insurance policy. I encourage you to learn more about life settlements and discuss the option with your advisor to determine if it could be a valuable part of your overall financial strategy.

Why sell my life insurance?

It’s great to hear that you’re in a good place financially. However, even if you don’t necessarily need additional financial resources right now, it’s always a good idea to explore all your financial options to make sure you’re making the most of your assets.

A life settlement can provide you with a lump sum of cash that you can use in many ways, such as investing in a new business, paying off debt, buying a new property, or simply enjoying retirement to the fullest.

Moreover, if you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need or can afford, keeping it may not be the best use of your resources. Selling the policy through a life settlement can provide you with a fair market value for your policy, and you can use the funds in a way that aligns with your current financial goals.

I encourage you to learn more about life settlements and speak with a reputable life settlement provider to see if it may be a suitable option for you, even if you feel like you’re in a good place financially.

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