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Bridge is a licensed, Health, Life, Annuity & Life Settlement Insurance Brokerage. Our site is designed to help educate visitors (Seniors and Families) in areas of Life Settlements & Medicare Insurance options. If you have any questions Contact Us & a friendly Bridge Agent will assist you!

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Life Settlements

Bridge is a licensed, Life Settlement Broker specializing in helping senior clients sell their life insurance policy for more cash. This includes selling a term life and whole life insurance policy. We help turn a liability into liquidity by negotiating among top providers in the industry to get clients the highest offer guaranteed!

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Life Settlement FAQs

Get answers to top 10, most common Life Settlement questions with this 2020 guide. Learn More


What are Viatical Settlements?

Available options for people of any age with a critical or chronic illness. Learn More


Top Settlement Companies

Learn about the Top Life Settlement Companies and how a Broker compares! Learn More

Medigap Plans

Bridge is a licensed, Medigap Insurance Broker specializing in helping senior clients make wise, Medicare health insurance decisions between Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plans. We help identify needs, compare options & present Medigap Plans in the best interest of the client. We compare local, pricing and coverage options among the top Medicare carriers.

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Medigap Plan F

Learn about Medigap Plan F benefits, pricing & supplement options. Learn More

Medigap Plan G

Learn information Medigap Plan G benefits, pricing & supplement options. Learn More

Medigap Plan N

How do Medigap Plan N benefits, pricing & supplement options work? Learn More

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Learn Medicare

Let’s face it, Medicare Insurance is an overly, complicated topic. Simply confusing the words two words, “Plan and Parts” could set you on the wrong path to confusion. Bridge Insurance helps educate seniors and families on the basics of Medicare Insurance using our “Complete Health Plan Perspective” model to help clients make better health insurance decisions.


Medicare Part D Drug Plans

Learn about stand-alone, Part D drug plans and what options are avilable. Learn More


Medicare Advantage Plans

What are Medicare Advantage Plans? Learn how they work and compare Learn More

Original Medicare (A & B)

What is and ins’t covered in Original Medicare Insurance? Get the break down. Learn More

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Success Stories

A male age 74 and female age 73 had purchased a $1.5 survivorship UL policy to pay estate taxes. With the dramatic increase in the estate tax exclusion, they no longer had a federal estate tax liability and this policy was no longer necessary. Both had some health issues and they were able to sell the policy for $400,000.

A 77-year-old male owned 3 universal life policies that were distributed to him from a pension plan when he retired, but he could no longer afford the premiums on them. He was able to sell two of the policies, with face amounts totaling $761,200 for $284,328. The sale proceeds allowed him to both improve his retirement income and maintain the third policy of $411,047.

A 65-year-old male owned $15 million of term insurance with its conversion period about to end.He could not afford to convert all the insurance.He sold $10 million of converted term in a life settlement transaction for $90,000. He then used the money towards the conversion of the remaining $5 million that he kept for himself.