Bridge Insurance Media Kit

November 18, 2019

Our Brand

*Bridge Official Logo / RAW .PNG

Bridge Insurance Group, LLC is a Senior Insurance Agency for Life Settlements, Viatical Settlements & Medicare Supplement Insurance. Our brand reflects American values one of fun, freedom and financial peace.

Our Inspiration

Core Color Palette


HEX Values

  • Bridge Red: #b03938
  • Bridge Blue: #19435c
  • Bridge Water: #abd5d9
  • Golden Gate: #caad73
  • Concrete: #eaeae8
  • CTA Red: #ff0c0c
  • CTA Blue: #1a44ed
  • CTA Green: #00dd07

Approved Logos

Life Settlement Company and Broker
Viatical Settlement Company and Broker
Medigap Insurance Company and Broker
Medicare Supplements Insurance Company and Broker

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