Privacy Policy

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Bridge is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of others.

Moreover, (“Bridge,” “we,” or “us”) and our properties; currently, https://askbridge.com, draft this document as the main Privacy Policy, in conjunction related technology, apps, call-centers, communication networks and personal services provided by Bridge (our “Services”). This Privacy Policy explains the practices for our Services.

If for any reason regarding this Privacy Policy, that something violates your privacy or consent, please let us help resolve your dispute first by emailing [email protected]

Here at Bridge, we are a nationally, Licensed Health, Life & Annuity Insurance Brokerage and as such, we will request personal information about you for the purposes of helping you apply for insurance products for yourself and/or family.

The use of your personal information acts in accordance with our Privacy Policy standards. We utilize best in class software through your experience with us to help make the process run smoother, more enjoyable for both you the client & agents while protecting and staying compliant with Federal, State, & CMS guidelines.

What is “personal information”?

Basically anything that is requested by Carriers to help you obtain an insurance policy, this could be (but not limited to); name, email, phone, date of birth, private health questions, medications, social security number, credit card information, and the like obtained via phone, website forms, text messages, apps & other marketing channels (see below on forms and apps).

What do you do with personal information?

We keep secure online files & folders to better stay organized, for customer service, marketing, and renewals. We DO NOT share your information with other 3rd parties for the purpose of making a “buck”. We respect all of our client’s confidential information. Also, we don’t ask or store anything above that which is “needed”.

Who has access to personal information?

Employees and Licensed Agents of Bridge who vow their fiduciary duties to clients in accordance with HIPPA and other governing bodies above.

Forms & Apps

Any time you fill out a form with us it’s securely handled with the highest EV SSL standards. You can view our SSL certificate here.

Testimonial Consent

Clients who opt-in allow us the right to post testimonials on our properties or marketing material. If you would like to request removal, please email [email protected]


We do use cookies for the purposes of creating a better user experience and understanding our website visitors. If you choose to not participate you can disable javascript in your browser. We recommend clearing your cache & cookies regularly.

Links to Other Websites

Our website links to many external and internal sources. We try to be clear about what we link to. Depending on your browser or device, you can “hover” over a link without clicking it and the link address can be displayed before visiting the link. We are working on adding an external link icon.

Social Media

We have social media enhancements on our site. By interacting with these widgets they work in conjunction with your social accounts.

Contact Us

Bridge Insurance Group, LLC.
[email protected]

App Privacy

ValuLife app is a free quoting app used by Bridge for sales & marketing purposes. Any information submitted is not shared with 3rd parties or used for advertising tracking. We may contact users who submitted information for sales purposes. Transmitted data or personally identifiable information (PII) is securely managed using SSL with HIPPA compliance. We do not sell data. To request any/all personal information to be removed from our records contact [email protected]. Thank you.