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September 25, 2019

Welcome to Bridge’s Florida life and viatical settlements page, where seniors can learn how to get cash for their life insurance policies today. As a licensed life settlement broker and fiduciary to seniors over 65 years old, Bridge can help Floridians save time and get the best possible offer for their policies. If you’re looking to improve your financial situation and secure your future, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Life Settlements and Viatical Settlements?

Life settlements and viatical settlements are financial transactions where a policy owner sells their life insurance policy to a third party for cash. In a life settlement, the policy owner is typically over 65 years old and the policy has a face value of at least $100,000. In a viatical settlement, the policy owner is typically living with a terminal or chronic illness (of any age). Both options can provide much-needed cash and relief from the burden of paying premiums. If you’re a senior in Florida looking to sell your life insurance policy, Bridge can help.

Benefits of Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

There are many benefits to selling your life insurance policy, including getting cash now, eliminating premiums, and improving your financial situation/lifestyle. Seniors in Florida can use the cash from a life or viatical settlement to pay for medical bills, living expenses, long-term care, or anything else they need. Bridge’s innovative buyer bidding platform ensures that seniors get the highest possible offer for their policies, making it a smart financial decision.

How Bridge Can Help

Bridge’s innovative buyer bidding platform streamlines the application process across multiple buyers, ensuring that seniors in Florida get the best possible offer for their life insurance policy. Our HighLife Guarantee means that we will get our clients the highest settlement offer using our platform to drive up valuations. And with our free cash estimate and 14-day look-back window, there’s no risk to seniors in Florida to getting an appraisal. Contact us today to learn more.

The Florida Market

The Florida market for life and viatical settlements is unique, with its own regulations, buyer demographics, and trends. As a licensed life settlement broker headquartered in Seminole, Florida, Bridge is well-versed in the Florida market and can help seniors navigate its complexities. For example, in Florida, policies with face values below $100,000 can still be sold if they are term policies with a conversion option.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Bridge for a life or viatical settlement in Florida is easy. Simply contact us for a free cash estimate and we’ll guide you through the application process. Once we receive offers from our network of buyers, we’ll present them to you for review. If you’re happy with an offer, we’ll work with the buyer to finalize the sale and transfer the policy. And if for any reason you’re not satisfied with an offer, you can return the proceeds within 14 days without penalty.


We understand that seniors in Florida may have questions about life and viatical settlements. Here are some frequently asked questions we hear:

What happens to my beneficiaries if I sell my policy?
The buyer/provider becomes the new owner/beneficiary of the life insurance policy when the insured dies.

How is the cash from a settlement taxed?
Sellers typically don’t pay taxes on the basis (the total of all past premiums paid into the policy). The remaining proceeds above the basis or surrender value may be taxed depending on the amount and how the proceeds are used. For example; if the proceeds are used for Long Term Care insurance, they may be tax-favored. We recommend consulting a tax professional in Florida and reading our Life Settlement Tax Guide for more information.

How long does the process take?
Selling a policy is similar to the mortgage process of buying a home. Some transactions can take 30 days others can take months. Bridge can help you streamline the process to save time, money, and headache.

Can term policies be sold?
Yes, term life insurance policies can be sold in the state of Florida. Typically term policies are convertible, favorable in rates to age 100 or within life expectancy. Bridge can help review your term life insurance policy to see if it qualifies.

How do I know if my policy qualifies?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell because the policy is only half the equation, health being the other. Bridge can provide a life expectancy report that your carrier doesn’t provide to help you figure out what your future premiums might be and how that might affect your settlement valuation. Download our free life settlement app for iOS & Android to see if your policy qualifies for a free cash estimate.

More questions? Get answers by visiting our life settlement FAQs page for more info. We’re here to answer all of your questions and guide you through the process.

Life Settlements By City

Here are some notable cities in Florida we service for life and viatical settlements.

Tampa Life Settlements & Viaticals: Seniors in Tampa can explore life settlements to improve their financial situation. Bridge offers a streamlined process for selling life insurance policies.

Miami Life Settlements & Viaticals: Life settlements offer Miami seniors an alternative to surrendering their life insurance policies for a cash payout. Contact Bridge for a free policy appraisal.

Orlando Life Settlements & Viaticals: Orlando seniors can maximize the value of their life insurance policy with a life settlement. Bridge’s innovative bidding platform helps drive up valuations for its clients.

Jacksonville Life Settlements & Viaticals: Bridge is a licensed life settlement broker serving seniors in Jacksonville. Selling a life insurance policy can provide much-needed financial relief for seniors.

Tallahassee Life Settlements & Viaticals: For seniors in Tallahassee, a life settlement can help them access the true value of their life insurance policy. Bridge offers a no-risk policy appraisal and a HighLife Guarantee.

Palm Beach Life Settlements & Viaticals: Bridge is a fiduciary to seniors in Palm Beach, providing guidance and support throughout the life settlement process. Contact us for a free policy appraisal.

Fort Lauderdale Life Settlements & Viaticals: Bridge offers a streamlined process for selling life insurance policies for seniors in Fort Lauderdale. Sell your policy and receive a cash payout to improve your financial situation.

The Villages Life Settlements & Viaticals: Seniors living in The Villages can benefit from a life settlement to access the true value of their life insurance policy. Bridge’s innovative bidding platform helps drive up valuations for its clients.


At Bridge, we understand that securing your financial future is of utmost importance. That’s why we offer our life and viatical settlement services to seniors throughout Florida. By working with us, you can receive a substantial payout for your life insurance policy, giving you the financial stability you need to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest. Our streamlined application process, innovative bidding platform, and HighLife Guarantee ensure that you receive the highest possible offer for your policy. Don’t wait any longer to take control of your financial future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with Florida life and viatical settlements.

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