What is Life Insurance for?

Nothing is more important than protecting your family. Life insurance can help provide financial relief in an unfortunate loss. A life insurance policy is a contract that provides a death benefit (example: $1MM) to the beneficiaries upon the death of a policy owner. Proceeds can help supplement a breadwinner’s income, cover debt (auto/mortgage), or be used to purchase a business asset or education for children. Bridge can help you evaluate the best plan to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Schedule a free, no-hassle, consultation today.

Bridge Family Options

Term Life Plans

Term Life Insurance is a low cost option to ensure your loved ones cover debts & a living benefit.

Whole Life Plans

Whole Life Insurance builds cash values to ensure both death & living benefit options.

Legacy Plans

Bridge your financial freedom with fixed annuities to meet your family’s life goals.

Dental Plans

Affordable dental plans are available for routine cleanings & major coverage for your or your family.