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I’m going to share a little-known secret that will equip you with powerful knowledge that can have significant impact on some of your clientele, a relative, a loved one, or possibly your own life. We believe in transparency and building better futures with trusted partners like you. We hope you will join our mission by considering this life-changing opportunity…

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How would you feel if you had invested your hard-earned dollars into some real estate and found out 20 years later that it was worth nothing?

I know I would feel pretty foolish. Wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, this happens every day to the tune of $200B annually but I’m NOT talking about real estate…

It’s another type of asset everyone is familiar with. You may even sell it or come across it occasionally.

It’s a big problem that we hope you can help us solve:

95% of life insurance never pays out.

…Until now.

Over 100 years ago the U.S. Supreme Court enacted a federal law that says, a life insurance policy is considered personal property just like real estate or any other asset you can buy and sell (Grigsby v. Russell).

As a Marketing Organization and Broker, Bridge is charged to equip you and your clients with a powerful financial strategy and support team to take advantage of every dollar while staying compliant. You will be informed and exposed to certified online training programs, given access to insider resources, white-labeled and branded materials, sales training courses, industry-leading technology, and agent support like no other!

Clients will praise your results and your company will be well-positioned to benefit from this exciting and expanding market.

Are You Ready To Change Lives?

Below you will find our program benefits and some occupational guides to see how you start building with Bridge today!


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Brandon Selfors

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Programs Overview

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Do I need to be life licensed?

You do not need a life license to be a level 1 affiliate but for all other levels you do.

What if my company doesn't allow me?
Not everyone can participate due to company policies or agreements. However, we can help facilitate that conversation and bridge the gap if you find an opportunity.
Do I need an agreement to pass a lead?

No, it’s not required to participate in any of our programs to pass us a referral. 

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