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Learn how to help your senior clients profit from their life insurance.

helping seniors with life settlements
Are you a CPA or tax professional looking for new ways to provide comprehensive financial guidance to your clients? Partnering with Bridge, a leading life settlement brokerage, can help you identify opportunities that could have a significant impact on your clients’ financial situations, while also providing you with a new revenue stream. Our solutions enable you to advise your senior clients on the potential tax benefits of life and viatical settlements, while also helping them unlock the full value of their life insurance policies. Read on to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Bridge and how you can get started today.

Why CPAs & Tax Pros Should Keep An Eye Out For Life & Viatical Settlement Opportunties

  1. Revenue stream: Offering life settlement services can provide an additional source of revenue for you. Life settlements can be a valuable option for clients who no longer need or can afford their life insurance policies, and CPAs and tax professionals can earn a payout for qualified referrals.
  2. Enhanced client relationships: By offering life settlement tax advice, you can deepen your relationships with clients by providing them with valuable financial advice and guidance. This can lead to increased client loyalty and a more positive reputation within your market.
  3. Differentiation from competitors: Adding life settlement tax services to your offerings can set CPAs and tax professionals apart from their competitors. This can be particularly beneficial in a crowded market, where it can be difficult to differentiate oneself based on traditional services alone. Offering unique and valuable services like life settlement and viatical settlement tax services can attract new clients and retain existing ones.
  4. Tax support: CPAs and tax professionals can provide valuable tax support to people considering life settlements. By understanding the tax implications of these transactions, you can help your clients make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls. This can further enhance client relationships and lead to increased business opportunities.

Meet John – A Detailed CPA

John was a CPA who prided himself on his attention to detail. One day, he was reviewing the finances of one of his long-term clients, Mr. Johnson, when he noticed something concerning. Despite Mr. Johnson’s desire to retire, his finances were stretched thin and he was struggling to make ends meet. John also noticed the significant amount of money Mr. Johnson was paying in life insurance premiums each month.

Knowing that life settlements could be a viable option for clients in Mr. Johnson’s situation, John broached the subject with him. After some discussion, Mr. Johnson agreed that the premiums had become too expensive and he was thinking of simply cashing in the policy.

John immediately thought of Bridge, a trusted life settlement broker. After connecting with Bridge, they were able to sell Mr. Johnson’s $450,000 universal life policy for $150,000 – a remarkable four times its surrender value.

John then worked closely with Mr. Johnson to understand the tax implications of the transaction and gave it a green light. Thanks to John’s attention to detail and Bridge’s expertise, Mr. Johnson was able to improve his financial situation and retire with greater peace of mind.

The successful transaction also proved to be a win for John, who earned his consulting fee as well as a nice affiliate payout. But the most important outcome was the positive impact on Mr. Johnson’s life. John felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that he had made a real difference in the life of his client.


Do I need to be contracted with Bridge?

You don’t need to be contracted with Bridge to recommend life or viatical settlement options to your prospects or clients.

How does compensation work?

If you choose to accept compensation, Bridge offers the following programs;

  • Referral: Approved Bridge affiliate includes a one-time, fixed payout not tied to the transaction.

Additional opportunities for anyone life licensed. For a free opportunity demo connect with Bridge below.

Steps To Success

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Help clients get the most out of their policy, earn payout and repeat.

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