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Looking for a way to help your senior clients get more out of their existing life insurance policies? Bridge, a licensed life settlement broker, offers a solution that can provide more money on the secondary market, additional assets under management, and commissions for you. By joining Bridge, you’ll get access to education, resources, and tools that make integration easy. Plus, Bridge’s unique auction platform guarantees the highest offer for your client. With industry-leading technology, including the world’s first iOS and Android life settlement app, Bridge is the clear choice for financial advisors looking to take their practice to the next level. Want to learn more? Connect with Bridge today to get started.

Top 3 Reasons Why Financial Advisors Should Work With A Life Settlement Broker

  1. More Money for Clients: By partnering with Bridge, advisors can help their clients receive more money on the secondary market by selling their existing life insurance policies, rather than lapsing, surrendering, or exchanging them. The average payout for a life settlement is 7.8 times higher than surrendering a policy.
  2. Additional AUM and Commissions: Advisors can benefit from additional assets under management and possible commissions, depending on their licensing & involvement. Bridge makes it easy to integrate with education, white-labeled resources, and tools.
  3. Unique and Transparent Auction Platform: Bridge’s unique and transparent auction platform guarantees the highest settlement value for its clients, providing advisors with a clear advantage over direct buyers.

🎉 Profiles Coming Soon!

Partnering with Bridge can also mean more business for you. For Bridge clients who successfully completed a life settlement transaction, we are in the process of launching an advisor directory in order to help our clients use their proceeds wisely. An advisor/company profile will include basic information using a Google Map API (with ratings) to search for partnered advisors. This free profile will also give partners a free backlink for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes to help boost online visibility in search engines thus increasing organic search traffic or in simple terms, more business for you.

*Terms are subject to change.

Meet Bill

Bill was a seasoned financial advisor who had grown tired of the rigid regulations that made it difficult for him to truly help his clients. He had heard about life and viatical settlements as a way to turn a life insurance policy into a cash asset, but he was wary of regulation surrounding these types of transactions. That’s when he met Bridge, a licensed fiduciary who assured him that they don’t sell securities, but instead, facilitate the sale of life insurance policies among multiple buyers to get the highest cash offer guaranteed.

Bridge explained to Bill why working with a broker was in the best interest of the client versus a direct buyer who was not a fiduciary and only provided one offer thus saving time. Intrigued, Bill decided to let Bridge evaluate his current book of business and was blown away when he discovered that there was an additional $10 million in value for his clients.

Working with Bridge not only helped Bill’s clients but also produced new AUM for him. He was thrilled to finally be able to help his clients in a way he used to, and he couldn’t wait to see what the future held.


Do I need to be contracted with Bridge?

No, you don’t need to be contracted with Bridge to recommend life or viatical settlement to your prospects or clients. Bridge does offer a contracted option for more commissions (see below).

What if my company won't allow me to offer this?

We recognize that there may be a potential conflict of interest between your carrier and/or BGA. Ultimately, it’s important that you prioritize what’s best for both your client and your company. With the increasing awareness of life settlements due to mass media advertising, it’s a good idea to educate yourself within the limits of your current contract and understand what is and isn’t permissible.

How do commissions work?
Once we approve your affiliation, we provide the education, training, resources, and tools you need to succeed. Bridge offers the following programs to earn commissions;

  • Referral: Approved Bridge affiliate includes a one-time, fixed payout not tied to the transaction.
  • Surveyor: Must be life licensed. Approved Bridge affiliate includes base affiliate commission + Free 101 training.
  • Inspector: Must be life licensed. Approved Bridge affiliate includes the highest affiliate commission. Affiliates have purchased and passed Advanced training.
  • Foreman: Must be life licensed. Certified Bridge Builders earn the highest commissions including; free advanced training, insider community, sales & marketing, mobility, bonuses, fully remote, and more.

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Help clients get the most out of their life policies, increase AUM, and repeat.

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Unlock AUM and provide your clients with an unknown financial solution often equivalent to selling a second home. Sign up for a free opportunity demo with Bridge today and discover how easy it is to increase your earnings potential while helping your clients get the most out of their life insurance.

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