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Agents have few options when starting in life insurance. Insurance wasn’t my first profession. I saw the dark underbelly of the industry and I believe we can change it for good. I love helping agents become the best independent, pros they can be!

Brandon Jon - President

*All health insurance product sales commissions are paid directly from the carrier to you. You make a flat 70% on all sales in exchange for our services.

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“Our program is guaranteed to provide you with the best in class insurance training to help you succeed in this exciting industry.”

Brandon Jon – Agency President

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupational outlook for Insurance sales agents is 5% faster growth from 2019-2029. This means the demand is available for advantageous agents who want to make a living or earn part-time income potential. (SOURCE).

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You earned it and you deserve the credit and highest income %


Work from anywhere you want without restrictions.


You control your time and how you spend it. Leverage our tools!


Take advantage of carrier benefits and trips.


The products we offer are infused with purpose. People need you!


No better time to join our growing industry of insurance pros.

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