Unlock Win-Win Opportunities for Your Followers: How Social Media Influencers & Groups Can Benefit from Life Settlements

Learn How You Can Help Your Followers Benefit from Life Settlements and Earn Extra Income.

Influencers and social groups hold significant power in shaping their followers’ lifestyles and decisions. They can now make a difference in their lives in more ways than one by introducing them to the concept of life settlements. Depending on your followers, this would allow them to sign up with Bridge under your affiliate which could earn both you and your followers a substantial amount. Through partnering with Bridge, influencers and social groups can promote Bridge’s unique value proposition to their followers, while earning an additional revenue stream. Contact Bridge today for a free opportunity demo and learn how to make the most of this mutually beneficial opportunity.

What is a life settlement

The ability of a senior (65+) or someone critically ill to sell their life insurance to a third-party provider for more money than the carrier will offer.

Top 3 Reasons Why Social Influencers Should Promote Life Settlements

  1. Making an impact: Seniors lose $200B in life insurance every year. That’s 3X of the global ice cream market! Seniors are asset-rich but cash-poor with a majority living at or below poverty. Although the federal law of selling one’s life insurance has been around for over 100 years, people are still unaware. Since more recent moves by institutional investors to buy policies, capital is widely available. In 2022, settlements have added over half a billion in seniors’ pockets. Let’s keep this trend going!
  2. Help your followers financially: Help your followers in a big way by introducing them to life settlements as a direct partner with Bridge. Bridge is in a position to partner with select influencers to help them reach their audiences with valuable content that can significantly impact their livelihood. Each eligible follower (agent or consumer) who completes a successful transaction will be incentivized along with our influencers.
  3. Social Good: Promoting life settlements with Bridge can also have a positive social impact. By helping individuals get more value out of their life insurance policies, influencers and groups are contributing to a more equitable financial system and helping people achieve financial stability in retirement.

Jenna – An influencer’s impact

As a prominent social media influencer among the senior population, Jenna had built up a loyal following of individuals who trusted her recommendations. One day, while discussing retirement planning, Jenna decided to ask her followers a simple question: “Do you have any life insurance policies that you no longer need, want, or can’t afford?”

The response was overwhelming. Over the course of several months, Jenna continued to periodically promote life settlements to her followers, resulting in millions of dollars in uncovered assets. Her followers were grateful for the extra money and Jenna was happy knowing that she was able to help her followers improve their financial situations while also earning commissions for herself.

A Successful Page Admin

A Facebook page admin created a community for insurance agents and periodically promoted life settlements with Bridge. As a result, many of the followers began identifying opportunities for life settlements and the admin made a commission on each successful settlement. This created a win-win-win for the agents, their clients, and the page admin. The admin ended up making a nice return and his followers were grateful for the opportunity.


Do I need to create any content for this?

While we do encourage our partners to create content, Bridge will provide evergreen content and guidance to avoid any possible misrepresentation. As for frequency, that depends on your level of involvement. 

How does compensation work?

Bridge offers the following programs for social influencers;

  • Referral: Approved Bridge affiliates include a one-time, fixed payout not tied to the sale for every successful transaction.

Additional opportunities for anyone life licensed. For a free opportunity demo connect with Bridge below.

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