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As a life insurance agent, you understand the importance of providing the best solutions for your senior clients. However, when they no longer need or can afford their existing policies, there may be a conflict of interest depending on whether you are captive or independent. That’s where Bridge, a licensed life settlement broker, can help. By working with Bridge, you can put your clients’ best interests first and help them receive more money on the secondary market by selling their policies rather than lapsing, surrendering, or exchanging them.

Depending on your level of involvement, you could also be well-compensated, with an average payout that’s 7.8X higher than surrendering a policy. Plus, as a partner, Bridge makes it easy to integrate with education, resources, and tools to help you be successful. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help your clients and grow your business. Connect with Bridge today using the form below.

Top 3 Reasons Why Life Agents Should Work With A Life & Viatical Settlement Broker

  1. Opportunity to Provide Better Solutions: Having a life settlement broker in your back pocket allows you to provide better solutions to your clients who may no longer need or can afford their existing life insurance policies. Rather than surrendering or lapsing the policy, a life settlement can provide them with more money, and you can help facilitate the process.
  2. Additional Revenue Stream: Partnering with a life settlement broker can create an additional revenue stream for your business. Depending on the level of your involvement, you could earn a substantial commission of the policy’s sale price, providing a potential source of passive income.
  3. Expertise and Resources: A life settlement broker can provide expertise and resources that you may not have access to on your own, including market knowledge, legal and regulatory support, and transactional resources. By working with a reputable and experienced broker, you can feel confident that your clients are receiving the best possible service and outcomes.

Case Studies

Meet Jerry – A Seasoned Life Agent

Jerry had been in the life insurance business for over a decade, and he prided himself on being able to provide his clients with the best solutions for their needs. So when one of his senior clients, Mr. Johnson, came to him with a $1M convertible term life insurance policy that he could no longer afford, Jerry knew what to do.

Thanks to his education with Bridge, Jerry knew that a life settlement might be the best option for Mr. Johnson. He used the ValuLife mobile app to get a free cash estimate, and when he presented the option to Mr. Johnson, the client was open to checking the value.

Jerry helped get the case underwritten, and within two months, the deal closed. Mr. Johnson was ecstatic to receive $300k as opposed to nothing at all, and Jerry was thrilled to receive a hefty commission.

It was a win-win situation for both Jerry and his client. Mr. Johnson was able to get the money he needed, and Jerry was able to provide a solution that he wouldn’t have been able to without the help of Bridge. Jerry knew that he had made the right choice in partnering with Bridge, and he was confident that he could continue to provide the best possible solutions for his clients with their expertise and resources at his disposal.

Meet Lisa – A Real Problem Solver

Lisa was at a networking event when she overheard someone talking about a $500k UL policy that they were considering surrendering. Lisa knew that this was a perfect opportunity for a life settlement, so she quickly gave Bridge an insider tip.

Within weeks, the deal closed, and Lisa was thrilled to receive thousands of dollars for just one lead. She knew that she had made the right choice in partnering with Bridge, and she was excited to continue providing the best possible solutions for her clients with their help.


Do I need to be contracted with Bridge?

No, you don’t need to be contracted with Bridge to recommend life or viatical settlement to your prospects or clients. Bridge does offer a contracted option for more commissions (see below).

What if my company won't allow me to offer this?

We recognize that there may be a potential conflict of interest between your carrier and/or BGA. Ultimately, it’s important that you prioritize what’s best for both your client and your company. With the increasing awareness of life settlements due to mass media advertising, it’s a good idea to educate yourself within the limits of your current contract and understand what is and isn’t permissible.

How do commissions work?
Once we approve your affiliation, we provide the education, training, resources, and tools you need to succeed. Bridge offers the following programs to earn commissions;

  • Referral: Approved Bridge affiliate includes a one-time, fixed payout not tied to the transaction.
  • Surveyor: Must be life licensed. Approved Bridge affiliate includes base affiliate commission + Free 101 training.
  • Inspector: Must be life licensed. Approved Bridge affiliate includes the highest affiliate commission. Affiliates have purchased and passed Advanced training.
  • Foreman: Must be life licensed. Certified Bridge Builders earn the highest commissions including; free advanced training, insider community, sales & marketing, mobility, bonuses, fully remote, and more.

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