Boost Retirement Benefits for Your Senior Employees: How PEOs Can Benefit from Life Settlements

Partner with Bridge to Integrate Life Settlements into Your Platform and Earn Commission While Providing Added Value to Your Clients

life settlements for PEOs
As a PEO, you have a vested interest in the well-being of your clients and their employees. You are always looking for ways to improve their benefits packages and ensure they have a comfortable retirement. One way to achieve this is by integrating life settlements into your process or platform. By doing so, you can help senior employees unlock the value of their life insurance policies and use the proceeds to fund their retirement. Not only does this provide a valuable benefit for your clients’ employees, but it can also generate commission for your business. At Bridge, we are a licensed life settlement broker that can help you offer this solution to your clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you integrate life settlements into your PEO platform and start earning compensation.

What Are Life Settlements and Viatical Settlements?

Life settlements and viatical settlements are safe and federally regulated financial transactions where a policy owner sells all or a portion of their life insurance policy to a third-party institutional investor for a lump sum. In a life settlement, the policy owner is typically over 65 years old and the policy has a face value of at least $100,000. In a viatical settlement, the policy owner (no age restriction) is typically living with a terminal or chronic illness. Both options can provide much-needed cash to spend how they wish. There are many benefits to selling one’s life insurance policy, including getting cash now, eliminating premiums while covering medical bills, living expenses, and long-term care, and improving people’s financial situation.

Top 3 Reasons Why A PEO Should Integrate Life Settlements

  1. Boost Retirement Benefits: Offering life settlements as an option can help senior employees boost their retirement benefits. By accessing the value of their life insurance policies, employees can secure additional funds to help them enjoy a more comfortable retirement.
  2. Competitive Edge: Integrating life settlements into their process or platforms can give PEOs a competitive edge. By providing an additional financial tool that can benefit their clients, PEOs can differentiate themselves from other providers and position themselves as leaders in the industry.
  3. Additional Revenue Stream: Partnering with a reputable life settlement broker like Bridge can provide PEOs with an additional revenue stream. PEOs can earn commissions by referring clients to Bridge for life settlement services, which can help them generate more income and grow their businesses.


Do I need to be contracted with Bridge?

You don’t need to be contracted with Bridge to recommend life or viatical settlement options to your prospects or clients. For PEOs who want to maximize their payouts, an agreement is preferred. 

How does compensation work?
If you choose to accept compensation, Bridge offers the following programs;

  • Referral: Approved Bridge affiliate includes a one-time, fixed payout not tied to the transaction.

Additional opportunities for anyone life licensed. For a free opportunity demo connect with Bridge below.

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