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Maximize Your Senior Clients' Life Insurance Policies to Achieve Financial Objectives While Offering You New Avenues for Commission Revenue.

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Attention Financial and Estate Planners! Are you looking for new ways to help your senior clients reach their financial goals while earning commission opportunities? Look no further than life settlements. A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy for a lump sum of cash that is typically greater than the policy’s cash surrender value. However, working with a direct buyer can limit your clients’ options and potentially result in a lower payout. That’s where Bridge comes in. As a licensed life settlement broker, Bridge has a unique and transparent auction platform that ensures your clients receive the highest offers – guaranteed. Plus, by partnering with Bridge, you can unlock new avenues for commission revenue. Don’t wait to help your clients maximize their policy value. Connect with Bridge today for a potential opportunity to earn and help your clients thrive.

Top 3 Reasons Financial Planners Should Work With A Life Settlement Broker

  1. Increased value for clients: Life settlement brokers have expertise in the life settlement market and can help financial planners identify policies that could be sold for a higher value. By partnering with a life settlement broker, financial planners can help their clients unlock more value from their life insurance policies, providing them with additional funds to help achieve their financial goals.
  2. Expanded service offering: Partnering with a life settlement broker allows financial planners to expand their service offering and provide additional value to their clients. By including life settlements as part of their service offering, financial planners can differentiate themselves from competitors and better meet the needs of their clients.
  3. Opportunity to earn additional commissions: Life settlement brokers typically pay commissions to financial planners who refer clients to them. By partnering with a life settlement broker, financial planners can earn additional commissions while also providing a valuable service to their clients.

Top 3 Reasons Estate Planners Should Work With A Life Settlement Broker

  1. Unlock hidden value: An estate planner can help their clients unlock hidden value in their life insurance policies by partnering with a life settlement broker. Instead of surrendering the policy, the client can sell it on the secondary market and receive a lump sum payout that can be used for various purposes such as long-term care expenses, retirement income, or funding charitable giving.
  2. Enhance client relationships: By offering life settlement options, an estate planners can demonstrate to their clients that they are focused on their best interests and dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals. This can help strengthen the advisor-client relationship and position the estate planner as a trusted advisor.
  3. Increase revenue potential: Partnering with a life settlement broker can provide an additional revenue stream for estate planners. They can earn commissions on the sale of the policy and potentially generate new business from referrals or existing clients who have policies they no longer need. This can help estate planners grow their businesses and increase revenue potential.

Meet Sarah – A Shrewd Financial Planner

Sarah was a financial planner with a problem: her client had a $500k whole life policy with a measly $50k in surrender value. Sarah had heard about life settlements but was skeptical about the process. She turned to Bridge, a trusted life settlement broker, and was amazed when they were able to secure $250k for her client. Not only did her client get a much better payout, but Sarah also earned a nice commission she used to help renovate her office space. She was pleasantly surprised at how easy and lucrative the process was with Bridge’s help.

Meet John -A Savvy Estate Planner

John was an estate planner with a client who had a unique problem. The client wanted to ensure that all of their children were treated fairly in their estate plan, but also had a $1M convertible term life insurance policy that they didn’t need anymore. John knew that life settlements were an option, but wasn’t sure how it could work in this situation. After consulting with Bridge, John discovered that the policy could be sold for $300k due to the client’s health condition.

The client was thrilled with the outcome, as they were able to use some of the funds for health purposes and provide a perfect way to keep a business property asset in the family while ensuring all the children were made whole. John was also pleasantly surprised to earn a handsome commission for his involvement in the transaction. The experience not only helped John better serve his client’s needs but also provided a new revenue stream for his business.


Do I need to be contracted with Bridge?
You don’t need to be contracted with Bridge to recommend life or viatical settlement options to your prospects or clients.
How does compensation work?
If you choose to accept compensation, Bridge offers the following programs;

  • Referral: Approved Bridge affiliate includes a one-time, fixed payout not tied to the transaction.

Additional opportunities for anyone life licensed. For a free opportunity demo connect with Bridge below.

Steps To Success

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Help clients get the most out of their life policies, earn money, and repeat.

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Are you a financial or estate planner looking for new ways to help your clients? Don’t let valuable assets go to waste – work with Bridge, a trusted life settlement broker. By partnering with us, you can unlock the hidden value of your clients’ life insurance policies and ensure they receive the highest offers possible.

As an integral part of the life settlement process, you can guide your clients through the complexities of the transaction and help them navigate the potential tax implications. Plus, you’ll earn commissions for your efforts.

Don’t let your clients miss out on this opportunity. Fill out the form to learn more about how Bridge can help you unlock the value of your clients’ life insurance policies and provide them with the financial security they deserve. The stakes are high – take action now to secure your clients’ financial futures.

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