Unlock Hidden Value: Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Pros Benefit from Life Settlements

Discover How Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Professionals Can Help Seniors Achieve Their Dreams and Earn Commissions with Life Settlements

Real estate agents and mortgage professionals can provide their clients with an additional avenue to gain extra funds for their home buying, renovating, or other financial goals. By offering information about life settlements, which can provide cash for seniors with life insurance policies they no longer need or can afford, agents can help their clients access the funds they need while also earning a commission for themselves. With life settlements, agents can provide a valuable service to their clients and create new opportunities for their business.

Meet Samantha – A Suprising Question

Samantha was a real estate agent who had been working with her client, Mr. Johnson, for months to find him the perfect retirement home. After finally finding the ideal property, Samantha asked Mr. Johnson if he owned any life insurance. Mr. Johnson was surprised by the question, but he did indeed have a policy that he no longer needed. Samantha connected him with Bridge, who was able to help Mr. Johnson sell his policy for a significant amount of money.

The proceeds from the sale of the policy were enough to pay off the remaining mortgage on Mr. Johnson’s new home and fund a renovation project to make the property more comfortable and accessible for him. Samantha was pleased that she was able to help her client achieve his retirement goals while also earning compensation for the life settlement referral. Mr. Johnson was grateful to Samantha for asking the question and helping him unlock the value of his life insurance policy.

Meet John – From Loss to Profit

John, a reverse mortgage professional, was meeting with his client, Mary, who was hoping to retire soon. However, she didn’t qualify for a reverse mortgage, leaving her without a clear path to achieve her goal. Despite this setback, John knew there must be another way to help her. He asked her if she owned a life insurance policy, which she did. John introduced her to Bridge, who was able to secure $450,000 for Mary, nearly 7 times the policy’s value. With this newfound financial security, Mary was able to retire comfortably. And as a bonus, John was compensated for the referral. What started as a lost opportunity turned into a win-win for everyone involved.


Do I need to be contracted with Bridge?

You don’t need to be contracted with Bridge to recommend a life settlement to your clients.

How does compensation work?

Bridge offers the following programs;

  • Referral: Approved Bridge affiliate includes a one-time, fixed payout not tied to the sale for every successful transaction.

Additional opportunities for anyone life licensed. For a free opportunity demo connect with Bridge below.

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Real estate and life settlements share many similarities, but one often overlooked asset is a senior’s life insurance policy, which can be sold like a home for more than the carrier is willing to pay. In fact, on average, a life settlement pays out 7.8 times more than the policy’s surrender value. By helping seniors access this valuable asset, real estate and mortgage professionals can provide much-needed funds for a variety of purposes, from buying a new home to funding a renovation project. To learn more about how to integrate life settlements into your services and boost your revenue, complete the form to schedule a free opportunity demo.

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