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Learn About Medicare

Medicare is complex. So we made it simple for you!

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What is Medicare?

Medicare is senior health insurance made available through the U.S. government and private insurance carriers.

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Medigap Plans

Learn how Medigap Plans help boost Original Medicare (Part A & B).

Best Plans: Plan F, Plan G, Plan N

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New to Medicare

You’re in the right place! This page will help you navigate Medicare basics and more…Keep Reading

On Medicare

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Insurance carriers sell only their products & have no fiduciary duty to the client.

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Have a fiduciary duty to the client’s best interest. Not unbeholden to carriers + compares plans.

Independent Agent

Only represent the carrier & sell carrier-specific products. No fiduciary duty.

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Medicare is so confusing & seniors are making ill-informed decisions that can have lasting consequences!

Medicare Advantage

Learn how Medicare Advantage bundles coverage & saves seniors money.

Medicare Costs for 2020

We did the math for you. Get simple, Medicare cost breakdowns.

Find the Right Drug Plan Nearest You

Compare & Save on Medicare Part D plans with Bridge!

Medicare Enrollment Periods for 2020

Know important dates and stay on top of your Medicare enrollment with our FREE Calendar!

The Complete Health Plan Perspective™

A seniors guide to help clarify Medicare confusion resulting in long term health savings.

*10min read

Medicare Parts Explained

Learn what you need to know about Medicare Parts A, B, C & D.

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The Medicare Journey™

Learn everything you need to know about Medicare from A-to-Z.

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How much does Medicare cost?

Typically Medicare Part A is free. The monthly Part B premium for 2020 (without late enrollment penalty) is $144.60 and the annual deductible is $198. Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans you will need to get a quote as with Part D drug plans and Medigap Plans). Get Pricing with Bridge!

Switching from Advantage to Medicare

Typically yes. However, depending on when you switch and your health status, could make for purchasing a Medicare Supplement void. Consider carefully when switching! Talk to a Bridge Agent today.

I need to buy a Part D separately?

If you’re on Medicare Advantage (Part C), then no. It should come with your plan (check the plan details). If you’re on Original Medicare then yes, this is purchased separately. You can Call us, or go on the website to add your formulary and sign up.