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Every Senior Deserves to Know the True Value of Their Policy

But There’s a Problem

Carriers keep you in the dark


You don't need or want the policy


The cost of insurance is rising


You've had a change in health


Nobody has given you a plan


You have insufficient income

Carriers don’t want you to know that 1000’s of people each year successfully sell their policy to a secondary market for more money. It’s just not right! For many seniors, converting a liability into a cash windfall may be their best option. Bridge brings good news to those who qualify. We have a plan to help you successfully sell your policy for more money and we believe that’s worth celebrating!

Our Process

1: Get Offers

Once qualified, submit the policy to multiple buyers to get the highest offer.

2: Sell Your Policy

Finalize the application, purchase agreements and funds transfer.

3: Celebrate!

Celebrate the successful sale of your policy with family and friends!

We don’t just care about Settlements. We care about you.

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“Very helpful and knowledgeable…Highly recommend. No pressure. Kind concerning and outstanding professionalism…”

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Life is too short. Enjoy the fruit of your labor!



Convert a liability into a cash asset for anything you need.



Enjoy the fruit of your labor you earned it!


Your policy is personal property that you control.


Selling a policy can open your eyes to new things.


Selling a policy may help pay for medical bills or LTC costs.


A cash windfall can provide a retirement safety net.
According to a study by Alize Life Insurance, people age 44-75 fear running out of money more than dying (LISA). American seniors are living longer while costs continue to rise. No wonder senior poverty has become silent storm. “…43% of single recipients aged 65+ depend on Social Security for 90% or more of their income (NCOA). Meanwhile, Life Insurance carriers enjoy years of upfront premiums resulting in seniors throwing away policies at an apparently staggering rate of $100+ billion annually! A life settlement has the potential to provide seniors with the financial relief they deserve.

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Save time by comparing the top life settlement providers to get the highest offer guaranteed. Bridge is your legal fiduciary acting in your best interest.


How long is the process?

The form will help to see if you may qualify. If you think you qualify based on the form criteria. Depending on the case, the estimate can happen as quickly as the same day. Closing can take anywhere from weeks to months.

Is it legal to sell a policy?

Yes, a life insurance policy is considered personal property. The life settlement industry is regulated 43 out of the 50 states.

“Very helpful and knowledgeable…Highly recommend. No pressure. Kind concerning and outstanding professionalism…”

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Ellis P. from FL

Sell Your Life Insurance Policy For More Money & Celebrate!

Get the highest life settlement offer for your policy guaranteed.

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