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compare life settlement companies

If you’re a policy owner looking to sell your life insurance policy, you may be wondering where to start. With over 30 life settlement companies in the market, it can be overwhelming to navigate and find the best life settlement company to work with.

At Bridge, we specialize in comparing life settlement providers to find the highest offer for our clients. Select a company below to find out how it compares with Bridge, and discover how we can help you get the most out of your life insurance policy.

Compare Life Settlement Providers

Similar to banks, life settlement providers serve as the funding sources for life settlement transactions. While direct buyers of life insurance policies are regulated, they are not fiduciaries and may not always act in the policy owner’s best interest. Direct buyers may offer a faster sale process than brokers, but sellers should be aware of the risks of not receiving a fair market value for their policy. It’s important to note that the time it takes to complete a single application for one offer from a direct buyer may be the same amount of time it takes to gather multiple offers from a life settlement broker whose duty is the policy owner to ensure they receive the highest offer. Therefore, policy owners should consider working with a reputable broker to ensure they receive the highest value for their policy.
abacus life
Life Equity
Settlement group
Institutional Life
life capital
Life policy traders
Seven Hills
senior Settlements

Compare Life Settlement Brokers

Life settlement brokers act as realtors in life insurance policy transactions, working to secure the highest offer for policy owners. These brokers handle all paperwork and streamline the process, saving policy owners time and the headache of negotiating on their own. Brokers receive a commission only if the seller accepts an offer, incentivizing them to secure the highest value for their clients. As a licensed life settlement broker in select states, Bridge provides expert guidance to policy owners seeking the best value for their policy. Additionally, we have vetted and listed other brokers who may serve in states where Bridge is not licensed.

Compare Life Settlement Marketing Organizations

Life settlement marketing organizations, or LSMOs, are entities that typically do not hold licenses themselves but work on behalf of a licensed entity to acquire new customers. Their primary goal is to market and promote the services of their partnering licensed entities. Below is a list of LSMOs for your reference.

In conclusion, when it comes to selling your life insurance policy, working with a reputable life settlement broker can make all the difference. While direct buyers may offer a faster sale process, sellers run the risk of not receiving fair market value for their policy. On the other hand, life settlement brokers act as fiduciaries, representing the best interest of the policy owner and handling all paperwork to ensure a streamlined process. Moreover, brokers can gather multiple offers, allowing policy owners to select the highest value for their policy. At Bridge, we compare life settlement providers, brokers, and marketing organizations to secure the best offer for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most value out of your life insurance policy.

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