10 Myths About Seniors Life Insurance (EXPOSED): Unveiling Truths & Opportunities

Empowered Decisions, Hidden Opportunities: Discover the Truth About Senior Life Insurance.

Brandon Selfors

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Updated Dec 15, 2023
Published On: Dec 15, 2023


Seniors, family members, advisors, and anyone navigating the complex world of senior life insurance – this article is for you. We’ll debunk ten pervasive myths and reveal hidden opportunities that could significantly impact your financial well-being. From uncovering the truth about policy ownership to exploring options beyond simply paying premiums, we aim to empower you with knowledge and actionable insights. So, let’s break down the barriers and unlock the true potential of senior life insurance.

Myth #1: The carrier owns your policy

Truth: You, not the insurance company, own your life insurance policy. The 1911 Grigsby v. Russell Supreme Court ruling solidified this right. Think of it like your home – you can sell it, just like you can sell your life insurance policy through Life Settlement Brokers, similar to real estate agents.
Opportunity: Consider selling your policy for a lump sum if it no longer aligns with your needs.

Myth #2: Life insurance will always take care of my family

Truth: While life insurance can be a valuable safety net, nearly 90% of senior policies never pay a death benefit. Circumstances change, and policies can lose value. Explore alternative options to maximize your financial security.
Opportunity: Evaluate your policy’s value and explore options like partial surrenders or policy riders for additional benefits.

Myth #3: You only have 4 options: pay, stop, cash in, or exchange

Truth: There’s a fifth option – selling your policy! Billions of dollars go unclaimed each year because seniors are unaware of this valuable option.
Opportunity: Unlock potential cash value by selling your policy through a reputable Life Settlement Broker.

Myth #4: Life insurance is cheap for seniors

Truth: As you age, premiums can skyrocket, making it difficult to maintain coverage. This raises questions about the fairness of front-loaded premiums and limited benefits for seniors.
Opportunity: Explore alternative coverage options or negotiate with your insurer for lower premiums.

Myth #5: I’ll get nothing for my term policy

Truth: Some term policies, especially those convertible to whole or permanent life, can be sold. Don’t assume it’s worthless – check your policy details and explore your options.
Opportunity: Investigate the potential sale value of your term policy and consider converting it for added benefits.

Myth #6: My policy’s cash value is all I can get

Truth: Life settlement brokers often secure policyholders 5 times the cash surrender value on average. Don’t settle for the minimum – seek expert guidance.
Opportunity: Maximize your policy’s value by working with a qualified Life Settlement Broker.

Myth #7: My premium statement is clear and comprehensive

Truth: Statements often lack transparency, omitting total premium paid and future cost estimates based on life expectancy. They rarely disclose the potential secondary market value.
Opportunity: Request detailed statements and actively seek information about your policy’s future value.

Myth #8: I have to be sick to sell my policy

Truth: Policy characteristics, not health, determine if a sale is possible. Seek professional advice from experienced Life Settlement companies before making assumptions.
Opportunity: Get a free policy evaluation from a Life Settlement Broker to understand your options.

Myth #9: My advisor or agent is my only source of life insurance advice

Truth: Advisors and agents may have vested interests in keeping policies active, potentially neglecting life settlement options. Consider independent advisors for broader perspectives.
Opportunity: Seek unbiased advice from independent experts to explore all available options.

Myth #10: My senior loved ones have their life insurance sorted

Truth: Over $200 billion of senior life insurance lapses annually, highlighting the need for greater awareness and informed decisions.
Opportunity: Educate yourself and your loved ones about senior life insurance options and unlock potential financial benefits.


By shattering these myths, we’ve unveiled a world of possibilities within senior life insurance. From selling policies to reevaluating coverage, you have the power to secure your financial future. Don’t let misconceptions hold you back. Take control, explore your options, and unlock the true potential of your senior life insurance.

For personalized guidance and expert assistance, reach out to Bridge, a leading Life Settlement Broker. Together, let’s unlock the true value of your senior life insurance and empower you to make informed decisions for a brighter financial future.

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