For Seniors: 7 Steps to Get Top-Dollar for Your Life Policy

Find out what type of life settlement company is in your best interest.

Brandon Selfors

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Updated Feb 16, 2024
Published On: Dec 29, 2023
7 Proven Steps to Get Top Dollar for Your Life Insurance

Thinking of possibly selling your life insurance policy? Learn how to get top-dollar before you sell your life insurance policy.

  1. Select a Premium Broker or Provider: Choose to work with a top-tier life settlement broker or a reputable provider. A broker can market your policy to multiple providers, fetching a higher offer.

  3. Undergo a Thorough Application Process: Complete an in-depth application, providing detailed information about your life insurance policy and personal medical history.

  5. Comprehensive Review of Policy and Health Records: Allow the broker to conduct a detailed review of your policy and medical records, essential for accurately assessing your life expectancy and policy’s value.

  7. Receive Competitive Offers: Wait for high-value offers from interested providers, based on their evaluation of your policy’s worth.

  9. Negotiate for the Best Deal: Carefully consider each offer. Don’t hesitate to negotiate or seek your broker’s advice to ensure you’re getting the highest possible value for your policy.

  11. Engage in a Structured Closing Process: Complete all required legal and financial paperwork under the guidance of a professional, ensuring a seamless transfer of policy ownership.

  13. Secure Your Payment: Once all formalities are completed, receive the agreed-upon amount, which should reflect the maximum market value of your policy.

For seniors over 65, following these steps meticulously can help ensure that you receive top dollar for your life insurance policy, aligning with your financial goals and estate planning strategies.
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