Top 5 Life Settlement Industry Stats for 2023-2024 (Infographic)

Life Settlement statistics revealed for 2023-2024. Data sourced from does not include the tertiary market. Stats released annually (2023 most recent) awaiting 2024 data...

Brandon Selfors

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Updated Jun 4, 2024
Published On: Jun 4, 2024
life settlement industry stats infographic preview
In 2023-2024, life settlement consumers received $842 million, with payments averaging 6 times their policy’s cash surrender value, indicating a substantial increase over traditional policy lapse or surrender values. On average, consumers received $262,000 more in their pockets for completing their life settlement in 2023. The total face value of life insurance policies purchased in settlements rose to $4.67 billion, a notable increase from $4.35 billion in 2022, highlighting a growing trend in the market. These figures, contributed by LISA members, underscore the significant yet often untapped potential of life settlements for policyholders.

Check out this table and infographic below (SOURCE: LISA).

life settlement industry stats 2024 infographic

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