Rethink Wealth: Life Insurance as Tradable Real Estate

A Paradigm Shift for Seniors and Advisors Alike

Brandon Selfors

Licensed Insurance Agent

Updated Jun 4, 2024
Published On: Dec 26, 2023


Discovering Hidden Parallels: Life Insurance as Real Estate in Your Portfolio

In the heart of financial planning lies a misunderstood gem – life insurance. Often overshadowed by its tangible cousin, real estate, life insurance policies hold untapped potential, waiting to be harnessed. As a Life Settlement Broker, I, Brandon Selfors, invite you to explore an eye-opening perspective: treating your life insurance like real estate. It’s more than a policy; it’s property with immense potential.

The Concept of Ownership: Life Insurance as Your Private Estate

Just as you own your home, you own your life insurance policy – a fact affirmed by a Supreme Court ruling over a century ago. Yet, the general perception diverges vastly. While we readily accept the idea of selling our homes, why do we hesitate to monetize our life insurance? Both represent valuable assets; both are promises of security. It’s time to align our perspectives.

Breaking the Monopsony: Exploring Market Options

The life insurance industry, often perceived as a monopsony with carriers as the sole buyers, mirrors a restrictive real estate market. Imagine being bound to sell your home to only one buyer who also controls the price. This scenario, absurd in real estate, is paralleled in life insurance. But there’s a way out – life settlements, providing a competitive market for your policy.

Life Settlements: The Unseen Real Estate of Insurance

Just as you would turn to a real estate agent to sell your home, a life settlement broker navigates the market to maximize your policy’s value. It’s an auction-like setting where multiple buyers compete, ensuring you get a deal that reflects your policy’s true worth. This process is not just about selling; it’s about realizing potential, much like capitalizing on property investments.

Learn how real estate professionals can raise awareness of life settlements to help their senior clients find capital and benefit in the process.

Redefining Financial Wisdom: Life Insurance as a Liquid Asset

Traditional financial advice often overlooks the liquidity of life insurance. It’s a blind spot that needs illumination. Like real estate, life insurance is an asset that can be liquidated for substantial gain, a fact surprisingly unknown to many. This oversight is especially significant for seniors, who could benefit immensely from this knowledge.

Changing the Narrative: Advisors as Guides to Financial Liberation

For financial advisors, estate planners, and agents, embracing the concept of life settlements is not just innovative; it’s imperative. It’s about expanding your toolkit and providing comprehensive, informed guidance. Your role is crucial in helping seniors see their life insurance as a sellable, valuable asset, much like their homes.


A New Era of Financial Empowerment: Life Insurance Realized

Life insurance, long seen as a solemn promise for the future, is ready to be reimagined as a dynamic part of your financial strategy today. It’s a shift in mindset, from seeing a policy as a mere safeguard to recognizing it as a potent asset, much like the real estate you own.

Step into a New Financial Reality with Bridge

Embark on a journey of financial discovery and empowerment. Let’s explore the real value of your life insurance policy together. Schedule a consultation today, or utilize our ValuLife™ app for a quick, free evaluation of your policy. It’s time to unlock the real estate potential hidden within your life insurance.

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