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Top 3 Life Settlement Companies Compared in 2020

Learn how to Compare the Best Life Settlement Companies Online with our Simple, Comparison Guide. Check out these highlighted Companies for 2020!

Last Updated: 12/3/2019

Maybe you have a life insurance policy (whole, term or universal) that you are thinking about selling but you’re not sure what company to work with and why? After all, you want to make a wise choice without wasting your time and get the highest offer possible for your life insurance policy. However, there is one caveat…there are two types of life settlement companies you can work with a Life Settlement Broker or Life Settlement Investors (called: Providers). We will briefly explain a life settlement, then both company types, offer a list of the top best Life Settlement companies and a simple comparison guide to make your journey complete. First, a quick definition of a Life Settlement.

Life Settlement Defined

A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to an investor for more than its cash surrender value but less than its (net) death benefit. This includes Term Life policies with $0 cash value.

Life Settlement Brokers

A Life Settlement Broker is a legally obligated, fiduciary who must act in the best interest of the client (ie: Policyowner) not the Investors. A good Broker does thorough due diligence while comparing and negotiating offers across multiple investors in order to obtain the highest offer possible. A Broker only gets paid a commission if the client succeeds.

Life Settlement Providers

A Life Settlement Provider is the Investor who does not have a legally binding “fiduciary” responsibility to the Policyowner. Providers goal is to maximize the return on investment (ROI) for every policy purchased.

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Top 3 Life Settlement Companies in 2020

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Coventry Life Settlement Company

Coventry is of the the largest, national buyers & founders of the industry. An active member of Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA). Over $3.5 billion to consumers. View Website

Rating: 5/5


Magna Life Settlement Company

Magna Life Settlements is one of the top Providers of Life Settlement Companies. Owned by Vida Capital, a multi-billion dollar alternative asset management firm. Board Member of LISA. View Website

Rating: 5/5


Abacus Life Settlements Company

Abacus Life Settlements is a top Providers of Life Settlement Companies. An active LISA member, nationwide service and friendly staff. View Website

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Brokers vs. Providers

There are two routes to selling a policy. You can go through a broker (like us) or through a Provider (investor). Here are some pro’s and con’s to each.

Life Settlement Brokers

  • Acts in best interest (fiduciary)
  • Highest offer
  • Longer offer process
  • Broker fee
  • Save time comparing offers

Life Settlement Providers

  • Not your fiduciary
  • Single offer disadvantage
  • Faster offer process
  • No negotiation power
  • Comparing offers is time consuming

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