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Sell Your Life Insurance & Create New Memories


Get the Highest Offer with Bridge!

Viatical Settlement

A Viatical Settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to an investor for more than its cash surrender value but less than its (net) death benefit. Specifically, for people of any age with an unfortunate critical or chronic illnesses. Term Life policies with $0 cash value qualify.

About Us

Bridge™ is a (licensed & insured), Viatical Settlement Broker (fiduciary) who represents the Seller. We save clients time, money & energy while achieving the highest return. We only earn a commission if the client succeeds.

Which one represents you (Policyowner)?

Under 65 with a Critical illness

You’re in the right place. This page is meant to help you navigate the basics of Viatical Settlements. If you have questions see FAQ’s or Contact us.

Over 65 years

Regardless of health, if one is over the age of 65 years old please refer to the Life Settlements page for more info.

What policy type do you own?

Term Policy

Term policies may be eligible to sell depending on health underwriting and/or policy details.

Whole Life

Whole life policies may be eligible to sell based on health. Don’t cash in without talking to Bridge first!

Universal Life

Universal policies may have untapped values! Don’t cash in without talking to Bridge first!

Health costs are arguably the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. A critical or chronic illness can push finances over the edge.

Life Insurance companies may contest paying the death benefit! Learn how to “Keep the Jackpot”

Average Cancer Treatment Cost (AARP)

U.S annual forfeited life insurance policies (LISA).

Do you qualify?

To qualify for a Viatical Settlement each case must meet the Investor’s three main criteria;


Health status (Life Expectancy) is the main factor for Viatical Settlements.


The death benefit and policy type affect the offer. Cash Value does not heavily influence the sale.


A Viatical Settlement (unlike a Life Settlement) has no age restriction.

Freedom to Sell

Don’t let the Insurance company hold you hostage! You have the right to sell your life insurance policy without feeling obligated.

What’s the Process?

The process can take weeks or months depending on medical underwriting, release forms and parties involved. Here is a timeline according to the Life Insurance Settlement Association.

Calculate your Policy Value Instantly!

“We believe in integrity by helping people with an unfortunate illness, win back their losses from Life insurance companies. We do this by helping them sell their policy for more money.

— Brandon Selfors / Founder

A plan is like a bridge you cross to reach ⁠your goal

cloud_queue HighLife Guarantee™

A plan just for you

Bridge offers a personalized plan to help clients sell all or a portion of their life insurance policy for the highest return guaranteed.

Next Steps.


Before connecting with Bridge, first download the free, PDF Pre-Call Checklist.



Schedule a call with us. If qualified, we provide a policy appraisal in minutes.



Bridge streamlines the process to multiple investors ensuring the highest offers.



It’s your money, you earned it! Celebrate with family or friends and enjoy!


“Very helpful and knowledgeable…Highly recommend. No pressure. Kind concerning and outstanding professionalism…”

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Ellis P. from FL

Success Stories

A male age 74 and female age 73 had purchased a $1.5 survivorship UL policy to pay estate taxes. With the dramatic increase in the estate tax exclusion, they no longer had a federal estate tax liability and this policy was no longer necessary. Both had some health issues and they were able to sell the policy for $400,000.

A 77-year-old male owned 3 universal life policies that were distributed to him from a pension plan when he retired, but he could no longer afford the premiums on them. He was able to sell two of the policies, with face amounts totaling $761,200 for $284,328. The sale proceeds allowed him to both improve his retirement income and maintain the third policy of $411,047.

A 65-year-old male owned $15 million of term insurance with its conversion period about to end.He could not afford to convert all the insurance.He sold $10 million of converted term in a life settlement transaction for $90,000. He then used the money towards the conversion of the remaining $5 million that he kept for himself.

Get the Highest Offer with Bridge!

Brokers vs. Providers

There are two routes to selling a policy. You can go through a broker (like us) or through a Provider (investor). Here are some pro’s and con’s to each.

Life Settlement Brokers

  • Acts in best interest (fiduciary)
  • Highest offer
  • Longer offer process
  • Broker fee
  • Save time comparing offers

Life Settlement Providers

  • Not your fiduciary
  • Single offer disadvantage
  • Faster offer process
  • No negotiation power
  • Comparing offers is time consuming

Is a Viatical Settlement right for you?

Selling a Life Insurance policy is not for everyone. Consider weighing your options. Here are some things to consider:

Potential Rewards

  • Financial relief
  • Tax Deductions (talk with a Tax Pro)
  • Pay for medical bills
  • Enjoy final days

Potential Risks

  • Proceedes may be taxable.
  • Proceeds may be subject to creditors
  • May not be able to obtain Life Insurance

Anti-Fraud Committment

Bridge is committed to our client’s protection and safety. That is why we have stepped-up our procedures to help combat fraud in our industry. Bridge is licensed, insured and strives for the highest ethical standards. Read our Anti-Fraud Policy.


What do I need before I call?

To ensure a productive first meeting, be sure to have a physical or digital copy of the owner’s life insurance policy handy along with medical, medication and physicians contact information. The initial pre-qualification and quote could take between 20-45min.

Is there a minimum requirement?

Not at this time.

What about ADB's?

ADB or Accelerated Death Benefits. We suggest that if your policy includes an ADB provision, you should talk with your Life Insurance company as this may be a better option for you. You may be able to sell the remaining life insurance policy after ADB has been provided. Feel free to call us for a second opinion.