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Life Changes

Just because your policy may not qualify now doesn’t mean that can’t change tomorrow! Maybe we made a mistake? It happens. We will review your case quickly and contact you if we feel there was an error on our part. Our goal is to help people make the best decision with their life insurance. Sometimes it may be in one’s best interest to get rid of an expensive policy, downsize to a smaller one, or purchase a final expense policy to cover basic needs. You should never feel obligated to keep paying on a liability. Feel free to contact us if you feel there was a mistake.

Here are a few things that can trigger a life settlement opportunity;

A Health Change

A change in health can trigger a life settlement option. If you ever have an unfortunate critical or chronic illness problem can arise;

  • Increased medical expenses
  • Travel expenses or time away from work
  • Stress in general

Having financial issues during a time like this can add to the problem. The benefits of selling a portion or all of your policy may include;

  • Enjoy the time you have left with family and friends.
  • Getting important things in order.
  • Financial peace.
  • Less to worry about.

Sometimes changes in your contract can trigger a life settlement.

Policy Characteristics

If your policy changes from a term to a whole life this could trigger a settlement opportunity. Any major change to your policy should be reevaluated to see if you qualify.

What’s Next?

Talk to a financial advisor or your life insurance agent to discuss solutions to your problem. Keep us in mind. Share this information with your family and friends. When life changes, we are here for you.